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Here at La Cañada Preschool, we know times have changed. We have been so thrilled to be able to make the transition back to in-person learning for small groups of children. For the families that have been comfortable enough to send their children back to La Cañada Preschool with our updated safety precautions, we have noticed a positive change in these children’s attitudes. It has filled us with joy to be able to see their faces light up once again during storytime and playtime throughout the day!

Not Everyone Is Comfortable Sending Kids To Preschool (And That’s Okay)

However, we know that some families are still not comfortable enough to send their children to in-person preschool. So while we patiently wait for COVID to go away, we at La Cañada  Preschool want to continue to offer access to good learning resources for all children.

Announcing La Cañada  Zoom Preschool

We are very excited to announce that we will be starting Zoom Preschool for the children whose parents are not yet ready to send back to school. Each child who participates will receive a special curriculum every two weeks that has been carefully put together by the staff at LaCanada Preschool.

Each child who participates will receive a special curriculum every two weeks

Debbie Ficarra – Executive Director LA CANADA preschool
zoom school workbook being handed to small child

The children will work through their custom workbooks during their Zoom calls with the teacher and five other students that will take place from 9:00 – 9:30 AM, Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays, students will be able to speak with their teacher one-on-one for ten minutes. This gives the students a chance to further connect with their teacher and talk about the things that are important to them. We are pleased to offer a chance to build student-teacher relationships that will last beyond the pandemic.

Zoom Preschool is a creative resource for families

teacher with small child working on zoom school workbook

Our virtual preschool classes have also been designed to put parents’ minds at ease. With the child learning at home, the parents can see firsthand their child’s progress and help out when the child needs it. We encourage the parents to participate as well – we miss you too! We are very excited to build this Zoom community with our La Cañada Preschool family. And we want you to know that we’re in this for the long-haul. The first 10 children signed up for our La Cañada Zoom Preschool are guaranteed a spot for in-person classes when parents are comfortable sending their kids back to school.

6 Things For You To Know About our Zoom Preschool

little boy and miss debbie reading a zoom school book

One of our goals is to provide a very personal creative and learning resource for families.

  • In each child’s workbook, they will find pictures of themself as well as other students.
  • They will have a chance to share during show and tell time each week.
  • Our first curriculum is “All About Me” – where children can draw pictures and write about their favorite foods, colors, books, and activities.
  • Each curriculum comes with a two-week schedule that states which books will be read and which songs will be sung each day.
  • The curriculum packets will also include any art supplies that the child might need to complete their workbook assignments.
  • Each packet will be hand-delivered (parents permitting) so that your child has the chance to wave to their teacher through the window or speak to them from a distance.

For as long as the pandemic may last, we are committed to our students and their families. And we are very happy to welcome you back – in whatever capacity you are most comfortable.