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Parents may find themselves wondering what programs provide the highest quality for their children. To answer that we have to explore what is “High Quality” child care and education is in early childhood. Teachers who are developmentally, individually and culturally appropriate and feel supported to let children learn through play are providing children high quality care. Low teacher-child ratios is high quality child care. Emergent curriculum based on children’s interests is also high quality child care. Teachers with appropriate education is also high quality child care. While TK teachers in the public schools do their best to have high quality practices, they are pressured by Kindergarten standards and teachers around them that haven’t necessarily been trained in early childhood. Their teacher-child ratios are larger. The demand to evaluate children and pressure children to be intelligent versus happy is also higher. Did you know that middle childhood doesn’t even start until age 8? Children at our school enjoy the luxury of having their early childhood protected a bit longer than the public schools allow and for that we believe our school has higher quality care and education.