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La Canada Preschool is a unique environment, designed to feel warm and inviting for your child. There’s nothing uptight or cold about it, and “intimidating” isn’t in its vocabulary. Our home for learning was built in 1939, but it wasn’t a preschool then—it was a house! (No wonder “homey” is still its middle name!) In 1949, it was converted into a preschool, and its happy days of mixing comfort and education began. Today La Canada Preschool is recognized as the oldest preschool in the municipality of La Canada Flintridge.

Where Is La Canada Flintridge?

If you are new to the area, La Canada Flintridge is often referred to as simply “La Canada.” You may have found this webpage when you typed into Google, “Preschools near me” and found our website. Well, as you can imagaine, La Canada Preschool is located in La Canada Flintridge. Our beautiful town is set between the foothills of the Verdugo Mountains and near the Angeles National Forest. La Canada has a population that hovers around the twenty thousand mark. A perfect setting for a preschool.

Even today, our preschool facility combines the inviting warmth of a cozy home with a non-institutionalized educational setting. As your child’s “home away from home”, it’s fitting that it feels a bit like grandma’s house. We go out of our way to maintain this homey feeling so that it doesn’t feel institutional. Let a church feel like a church, a community recreation center feel like a rec center and we believe, let a preschool feel like an extension of your home.

Inside The Preschool

Our two inside classrooms are full of art, blocks, books, supplies, and our special fish tanks. They’re sunny and airy as can be, and covered with our students’ art proudly displayed, front-and-center. Each child has their own cubby, and the rooms hold, among many other precious decorations, a family photo for each of them. These comforting classrooms are completely cleaned daily. Cleanliness is key!

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Outside The Preschool Classrooms

No child should feel confined indoors, and our home here at La Canada ensures they never have to. Outside the classrooms, our preschool boasts a wonderful play yard with everything from swings and slides, to art and tables, soft sand, a kitchen, and activities galore. One of our most unique activities (and often the children’s favorite) is the water-play designed with tables, buckets, measuring cups, and fresh water. Children are encouraged to experiment with water’s properties, mixing it with sand and creating something new. Here, they can watch their imagination take shape.

Children are immersed in nature and at home in this play-yard, comfortably shaded by our lovely elm tree, just like days spent playing happily at grandma’s house. They are safe and surrounded by fresh air and creativity, and their imaginations are given perfect breathing room under the blue sky. These childhood moments are irreplaceable, and we feel truly lucky to be the ones to house them at LCPS.

If you like the description of our preschool and you’d like to arrange for a tour then please don’t hesitate to call us to learn more about the school. We do offer tours of our early educational school and encourage you to give us a call and arrange for a tour! If you like to learn a little more about the school tour then here!

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