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What I’m Thankful For
Hey it’s Mr. Tony again with some fond words about La Canada Preschool. There are a lot of things that I’m thankful for being at La Canada Preschool. And no it’s not having Panda Express, McDonalds, Subway, Penguins or any of the other food choices within the area. I feel very lucky to work with such wonderful staff members like Diana, Rosemary, Susan, Pammie, Elizabeth, Jamie, Mr. Scott, Mollie and of course Ms. Debbie. Well I now have one more person to be thankful for and that’s Lauren who just joined us last week. She’s wonderful with the children, she’s super helpful, and just like the rest of us she has a real passion for working with children and I know she’ll fit in just great. And when I do a food run to any of the above food places mentioned earlier I’ll be sure and ask her if she’d like anything when I go. Be sure and say hello to Lauren. She’s very friendly and I know she’ll be happy to meet you.