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Everywhere I look I see amazing men with children. Dads who take the time to teach their children songs, grandpas who bring their grandchildren to preschool, as well as male friends and neighbors who take an interest in children.

This past Saturday we had Donuts with Daddy Day at the preschool. It was touching to watch men who were able to get down on the floor and build Legos with their child. There was the grandpa who came to be a part of his granddaughters day. A neighbor came to support the two boys who lived next door as thier Dad had to be at work.

Gloria Steinen once said, “Most American children suffer too much mother and too little father.” There, someone said it. As an educator and a mom I must concur. What is best for children I believe is to be influenced by men as well as woman.

Men teach our children that it is okay to be strong, to say how we feel and to be loving.

We need to encourage and nurture the men who love children. They have become so rare in the busy world we live in.

I want to thank every man who made the time to be at La Canada Preschool for our special day, for turning off thier cell phones and being present with their child. When the children came to school today they spoke about how much fun it was to have Daddy with them, how fum it was to play with Daddy, and how much they liked the donuts:)

Keep loving these men, giving them praise for being the fathers they are, or the grandpas they are, or the friends they are. Children need these amazing men more they we know.