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As grown-ups, we know that change is constant. Life is a series of changes, some quicker than others, some gradual, and some easier than others—but, for many of our preschool-aged students, the step into an early childhood preschool and learning center is the very first big change they face. The teachers and staff at La Canada Preschool understand how much you love your children and how important these precious students are to you. We ask ourselves, how can we support and guide our preschool children through change, without letting them slow down too much, all while making them feel sure that they’ll be okay?

Preschool Students Need Help with Change

Change is the new normal for us as parents, but we have to take a moment to put ourselves into some very, very small shoes. Everything is proportional, and, for your young child, many, if not most, of what happens to them is new. At one time, not very long ago everything they laid eyes on was new! These days, they’ve gotten much more used to things, but they still need support as they did then. The only difference is that support now means being their safe fall-back as they enter a world where we as parents are not present. Our preschool-aged kids need to feel when they take steps forward, somebody is waiting to catch them. That’s the key. The wonderful news is, that if your child truly feels like they have that safe fall-back, that solid support, those training wheels, your child might never fall at all! What’s important is that they feel as though they would be supported if they did stumble. Once upon a time, you had to pick them up and carry them with you everywhere; you couldn’t even imagine that they would be walking. Now, believe it or not, they really can take some steps on their own, but they do need someone to have their back.

These are tools that early childhood education teachers utilize in a preschool.

At Home and at the Early Childhood Preschool and Learning Center

Support comes from home first, but preschool, (especially at La Canada), is a home-away-from-home. (Come tour our cozy, homey campus anytime by giving us a call! You can see our preschool’s unique warmth for yourself; our home-away-from-home was once a house, and maintains a comforting, familiar atmosphere. Feel free to contact us at 818-790-2764 or To feel safe and supported at their school-hours home, children need teachers who understand the importance of comfort, support, and training-wheels through change—and that’s just what we’re here for at La Canada. 

preschool alphabet letters designed to help students learn in a positive early childhood education environment

Early Childhood Education Teachers are Training-Wheels

It’s not our first rodeo. We know that preschool is that first step on the change-staircase, and important preparation for all the steps ahead, especially the second one coming up, Kindergarten. Our early childhood education teachers know just how to take your child by the hand and lead them through transition so that they don’t stumble, and, most importantly of all, so that they don’t feel scared at preschool. In fact, we strive to create such a comforting, safe atmosphere that your child might not notice or think about the change at all! Instead, starting at day one, we hope to get them thinking and excited about their new friends, their new arts and crafts, play-time, snacks, and all the interesting things they’re learning.  No change is too tough if it’s gradual enough. We serve as your child’s familiar training wheels, for all their preschool days, so that when they’re ready for Kindergarten and the training wheels come off, they might not notice at all. That’s what good support does.