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This blog is courtesy of Miss Pam, one of our amazing teachers:

Last week one of the children asked me if they could bring books outside to read in the yard. At first I was hesitant, thinking that the books would wind up strewn all over the yard. At the same time my instincts are to always listen to the children, as they are my best resource for curriculum. If the children feel they have a say in our school, what ownership that creates.

So now we have a new outside space we are calling the quiet area. We have placed a small table with chairs, some pillows and books. Here the children can sit and read, lay on a pillow with a book, underneath our beautiful elm tree. This morning there were children that wondered in and out of this space, taking time to look over a favorite story .

In the shade of the quiet area children can take a break from all the action in the school yard and have a time to enjoy a book. All this from a belief I have that the best curriculum is what we call emergent curriculum. We practice this when we listen carefully to the children’s interests and implement school activities based on those interests.

“Miss Pam I like the quiet area. Now we can read books outside too.” That made my day:)