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At preschool we love to do dictations with the children. This is a process where we ask the children to tell us about something, them we write it down verbatim, and then read it back to the child, which promotes literacy.

This week we have been asking the children about their dads on honor of Father’s Day, and the adage seems to be true that kids say the darndest things:

My Daddy was born in the ocean. He swimmed and fell on the rocks.

My Dad was born in Bakersfield. He played a game called staring at the floor. It’s a good game.

My Daddy kisses Mommy.

My Daddy met my Mommy at my house.

Daddy and Mommy met at the hospitol cause her sick. Just married, no date.

Daddy was born in Las Vegas. He got stiches. He met Mommy when she was working down the street.

Daddy married Mommy at Chuck E Cheese.

Happy Fathers day:)