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Discipline is an important topic when working with children yet it can be a topic that is minimized or under spoken of by parents when looking for a preschool.

Here are the methods of discipline used in preschools:

time out or conflict resolution

There was an old school theory which still exists that time out is the best way to handle discipline in schools. Just search and you can find many schools and parents using this as a way to remove the child from the conflict, sending the message that the behavior needs to stop. While I believe it has its place in your home, in a school  setting it can make a child feel shame for being singled out in a public setting.

Conflict resolution suggests that children are educated about the value of communication that is respectful and honest, while expressing feelings of being hurt by someone’s actions.

Conflict resolution requires that teachers are trained to help children by modeling communication that is calm and well spoken, where teachers can also interact with children by teaching them how to articulate their feelings.

There are six steps we use at La Canada Preschool to teach conflict resolution:

1. Approach the children in conflict calmly and stop the conflict

2. Acknowledge everyone’s feelings

3. Gather information about what has happened

4. Restate the problem

5. As for ideas from everyone for a solution and help choose the solution

6. Be there to follow up and give support

When you are visiting a preschool ask the teachers and directors how do they handle conflict with the children. It is a question that is often overlooked yet one that becomes important as it will effect your child and set the stage for their ability to understand conflict in a social setting.