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At La Canada Preschool you’ll find very happy teachers. Maybe it’s the fact they love what they do and love who they work with on a daily basis. Each teacher begins their day with warm greetings from our positive directors, Miss Debbie and Mr. Hugo* who are married by the way and also my parents,* with open arms from the children, and senses of humor absolutely and gaiety throughout the staff. Whatever the cause, our teachers are happy and as a result, you’ll find very happy children.

Happy Teacher Mr Tony

Meet Mr. Tony: My mother has been working with Mr. Tony for over 25 years and I have worked with him for 10 years. He is an amazing co-teacher to work with as every day he brings the calm, humor, experience, and oversite it takes to make a high-quality learning environment. He has organized art prepared every morning, music playlists that delight children and adults, and science interests that bring us fish, sea life, and reptiles. Tony is known for lightening the mood, building trusting bonds with children, and supporting teachers with snacks, humor, and mentoring. He has a seven-year-old daughter Yaz, and a huge love for roller coasters. He loves enchiladas, puns, and good music. Mr. Tony makes every day a good day!


Happy Teacher & Director Mr Hugo

Meet Mr. Hugo: Mr. Hugo is our world-class play-dough maker, snack chef, master sanitation and hygiene CEO, and warmest Papa to my children. He is another male figure in the environment with the most gentle presence, inclusive style, and organization of all things school-related. On the weekends you’ll find him cleaning the play yard, organizing our storage areas, or shopping for supplies and snacks with Miss Debbie. He loves gardening, cooking, reading, his dog Sophie and spending time with his family. 


Happy Teacher Miss Jena

Meet Miss Jena: our beloved miss Jenna comes to us after being a parent here at the school with her two boys who are now 10 and seven. She has an MA (Master of Arts) in special education taught kindergarten for children with special needs and is an amazing homesteader. She has brought La Canada Preschool so much rich curriculum, insight, and knowledge to our little school. She will be teaching Pre K and we know she’s going to take the program to new levels. On the weekends you can find her camping, tending to her garden and chickens, or just enjoying being with her family. we are so fortunate to have her on our team.


Happy Teacher Miss Cindy

Meet Miss Cindy: Miss Cindy began her career at LCPS in 2001, leaving for a time and returning to us several years ago and we are so happy she did. Cindy teaches two afternoons in the Pre-K and is our substitute teacher. She has an eye for art, she doesn’t take it lightly, she wants the children to appreciate the process and parents have something memorable for children to take home. Cindy has over fifteen years of teaching experience and does a  beautiful job of celebrating childhood as a journey and not a destination. Cindy and her husband have raised two beautiful children who also attended our school. Cindy loves her dog Jack, traveling with her husband, and making a beautiful home.


Happy Teacher Miss Leah

Meet Miss Leah: Leah is my sister, who has worked at the school on a substitute basis and is now joining our team full time. She has a love and enthusiasm for the children, a positive outlook, and lots of energy that she brings to us each day. Leah was married in 2020 and lives in Montrose. She can be found enjoying time with her husband and two cats, hiking, and spending time with her family. 


Happy Teacher & Director Miss Debbie

Miss Debbie: Our fearless leader, has been an early childhood educator and preschool educator for 35 years and a mother for 42 years. Her education and experience blend classic wisdom and contemporary knowledge. She was influenced by the late and great Bev Boz, a preschool teacher and influencer from Roseville, CA. Debbie’s beliefs and practices are rooted in acceptance, developmentally appropriate practice, and support for families. 


Happy Preschool Teacher Miss Jackie

And me, Miss Jackie: I am an online instructor in Early Childhood Education for UCLA extension and have two children who both attend the school. I have been a preschool teacher for over 20 years, part of that time I specialized in infant toddler education in a university setting. I adore teaching and I’m learning the art of being a teacher while having my children at school. Working for my parents is the greatest experience and I learned so much from everyone every day. I love people talking walking and gardening I love singing with the children have probably thousands of children’s songs in my head from over the years at do bring some college students in to observe, volunteer and learn throughout the year. I’m obviously biased, but if you’re looking for a school that feels like an extension of your family then this is the place for you.


Would you like to learn more about La Canada Preschool? Perhaps you’d like to arrange for a tour? If you are searching for “Preschools Near Me” and our school came up we encourage you to reach out via, phone, email, or yes, even snail mail and to arrange for a tour of our school. We pride ourselves as being friendly and accessible to the parents of our school community.

Best Ways To Contact La Canada Preschool!


4460 Oakwood Avenue, La Canada, CA

A map to of where La Canada Preschool sits in the greater La Canada Flintridge area.