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One of the best blessings a child could ask for is a parent who worries about them. Carefully sifting through potential preschools for your child is the first step towards finding them that special, one-in-a-lifetime place that can comfort, support, and uplift them while guiding them into the wide world of education. This is the first formal step into formal education. We know and understand the significant role early childhood education plays on future academic success all the way through university. As parents, we understand that it’s very important to choose the right preschool for our children and it’s not something to take lightly.

Learning Is In Our DNA

The good news is, children are always learning! Your child has been learning since the moment they opened their eyes, and, even though they’ve earned no grades, they’ve been phenomenal at it! They learned about you, their day-to-day, and the world around them, without even realizing it, and almost faster than anyone could keep up with. They’ve been learning at the speed of light. Now, they’ve learned so much that they’re ready to begin learning with others—but where?

The jump to learning in a place designed just for it can seem overwhelming. No wonder; sometimes it is. These days, preschool, that precious bridge into kindergarten—another bridge in itself—can be overly rigorous and if we’re not careful overly regimented for a young child. Your child has been learning through play and fun thus far, and they’ve learned more than they realize. Why put a stop to a good thing?

What Happens When Learning Is Fun?

At La Canada Preschool, we take your child by the hand and guide them towards new, big-kid learning while still encouraging them to play. Childhood’s once in a lifetime, after all. Preschool prepares students for their future kindergarten days, but there’s plenty of room for joy in learning. We believe learning is at its richest when it mixes play, fun and art with academics. One way that we do this is by teaching your child Zoo Phonics. In this nationally recognized program, children are encouraged to use song and movement to learn the alphabet. There’s no need for learning to be boring. In fact, if that were the case, we might expect our young pre-schoolers to get overwhelmed! Learning in a structured environment is new to them, and, at La Canada Preschool, they can be eased into the lifelong process of learning in a cozy, creative environment where children enjoy learning and are successful. 

Preschool Is The Beginning of the Journey

After all, the most important part of every journey is the beginning. It determines exactly how far you’ll have to go, and often, what mindset you’ll have as you travel onward. Starting off your child in a place ready to show them the value of education through joy, creativity and open-mindedness can show them that those years of education ahead might not be so bad. In fact, they might have been learning all along—and now, they can do it with friends!

If a fun, play-based learning environment sounds like the type of environment you’d like your child to experience then give us a call and let’s set up a tour of La Canada Preschool! We’re waiting to hear from you.