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Okay so I’ve got a new art toy to use at the preschool.  I picked up a blow dryer at the CVS  in La Canada and oggled it  and I thought of the wonders I’d do with it.  I experimented with four colors.  I plopped four different colors on top of each other and pulled out the blow dryer.  I turned it on and went to town.   The effect was similar to watching a flower blooming in slow motion.  After I finished playing with it 20 minutes later I finally got it ready for the kids.   Upon taking it out and showing it to the kids I immediately had a long line of kids waiting for their turn.   The outcome was proof that it truly is the process and not the product that’s important.    Watching the paint being blown around was similar to watching a flower bloom in front of your eyes.  Once the kids were gone I preceded to have some fun on my own again.   Yep once again I’ve discovered a new toy.

(Written by Mr. Tony for Debbie)