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Children generally love to go out to eat. It is a great lesson is social manners, new foods are introduced, and parents don’t have to clean up. I say it’s a win win. When I take my grandchildren out to eat, they are delighted to see all the people out, and love seeing a new environment. We talk about the menu, the people who work there and how we pay for the food. We study the menu before we go, so they have an idea of what to order. People are so friendly. This can be a fun and easy field trip.

The text reads 3 La Canada Eateries For Families of Preschoolers

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My Top Three picks for Local

La Canada Eateries for Preschoolers!

1. Honeybird: La Canada 

Located in the center of town, Honeybird is a family owned place with the best fried chicken in the city. It’s a quiet spot with indoor and outdoor seating. The menu ranges from a family meal dinner to individual sides. Children love the fried chicken with a side of mac and cheese, while grown ups can enjoy a yummy bar-b-que or kale/quinoa salad. They have amazing biscuits. Do not overlook the delicious pies, banana cream is out of this world. Children like the relaxed atmosphere and you can even sit outside. Saturday mornings they have a brunch from 10-2 with the BEST breakfast sandwich you will ever eat, delicious ham on a brioche bun and a fresh egg creating an explosion of flavors. Do not miss out on the neighborhood delight.

2. Panera : La Canada for Breakfast

This is a great place to eat, inside or outside, and I recommend the breakfast. Yes, it is a chain restaurant, yet they have a great location in La Canada with a friendly vibe. My grandchildren love going here, sharing a breakfast sandwich and a cookie for dessert. Breakfast wraps are easy for preschool kids as well as yogurt with fresh berries. They open at 6 come early. There is even a little park, Orbitz Park, within walking distance, to run around and get some energy out. You can eat outside as well. If you need a few items there is a Target across the way, and what kid doesn’t like to take a spin in Target? 

3. Tickle Tree Café : La Crescenta 

Down the road about three miles you will find a neighborhood treasure called Tickle Tree Café. Owned by a family, they offer some of the best food in the Foothill communities. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering outside dining only. Menu choices include everything from breakfast quesadillas, orange French toast, six types of salad, burgers, pasta and lots of sides. They serve the best coffee in town, even offering a pour over coffee. Everything is fresh and they are dog friendly too. 

Summary of Benefits of Taking

Preschoolers To Restaurants

Taking children to eat out can be a special treat or a way to celebrate. It can be a weekly occurrence to give parents a break and show children what eating out is like. Reading menus ahead of time and going over choices teaches pre-reading skills and creates new conversations. You could even add a math component talking about the cost of eating out. Table manners can be modeled as well as family togetherness. What fun to eat out with you children can be !