What’s for Snack?

What’s for Snack?

There is a wonderful part of our curriculum that does not get enough discussion and that is snack.

Everyday we serve what I think is the best school snack in a school community. Snack also creates unique time of communication and gathering that goes on at the table. Today I was having snack with the children, watching them ask for what they needed, “More grapes please”, as well as talking to each other and laughing over a silly conversation. Over food the children are learning to try different things, to pass items around the table, and to eat away from home with a group.

Today  our menu consists of crackers and cheese with grapes. The children delight in making their cracker sandwiches and talking about how sweet the grapes are. Tomorrow we will have strawberry yogurt and fresh strawberries from Oxnard. Wednesday we will have pears and pirates booty, Thursday is casadias and peaches.

We have started serving Nutella on Ritz Crackers and fruit on Fridays. How excited the children are over nutella. We say it is our fun friday treat and everyone agrees it is a tasty way to end the week. When we have an extensive healthy snack we are teaching the children the importance of nutrition along with how to enjoy food. They are encouraged to take their time, relax, and visit with their friends while eating.

In being mindful of the food we serve we are modeling healthy eating. We also ask the children what they like for snack and we make every attempt to adapt our menu to their preferences. We include spaghetti, sandwiches, bagels and many kinds of fruits in our menu.

How fun to have snack at La Canada Preschool.


  1. Maria says:

    I agree, snack time is a big deal, for Pieter at least. Your ‘Thank you for our snack, snack, snack’ song was the first song he sung to us in English!

  2. How funny to be just now getting this tidbit and realizing what “Pirates Booty” is, of course… The little healthy snack from Trader Joes but my little guy kept telling me he ate pirates booty and I had no idea what he was talking about. I am having a ah hah moment and realizing it’s a snack and not something I have never heard of….My son always tells me how he loves to eat and talk and eat some more….He’s a snacker for sure outside of home, everyone’s food is always sooooo much more interesting than moms…L.O.L. He just loves his school in so many ways and we are very grateful to everyone there.

  3. Evelyne Werzowa says:

    Thank you, thank you for having healthy snacks! Lucca can’t wait for snack time and likes to wait in the class room ready for story and snack! It blows my mind that some of his “fIrst foods” have been at school and he asks me for them. “Fruit loopys” and cup cakes at Birthday parties. The other day he said “I love my school!”. We will miss this wonderful place.

  4. Kathy says:

    Mmmmmm….Nutella! That is one of Nico’s dad’s favorite treats too!

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