10 Reasons why Art is important for Children

10 Reasons why Art is important for Children

When you visit a preschool it is essential to ask how much art the children are creating each day. At the core of learning is the desire to be creative, and children know the difference between true art and art that is directed by adult expectations. A good preschool needs to provide art through out the day, not just on certain occasions.

The best art is process art, where children are allowed to create their own vision, with the only result is that they like what they have created.

Why is art important? Here are ten reasons:

1. Art nourishes a child’s soul and true creative spirit.

2. Creating art promotes self esteem.

3. Art encourages children to give attention to the physical space that surrounds them.

4. When creating art children learn to solve problems and think for themselves, known as critical thinking.

5. Art teaches children to use their senses.

6. Children can share and reflect on their art work to help them makes sense of the world they live in.

7. When art is integrated with other curriculum, children commit to the learning process.

8. Art stimulates the right and left side of the brain.

9. Art teaches there is more than one way to solve a problem.

10. If a child learns to love art, this will stay with them forever.

If we want children to love art, it needs to be a part of their daily preschool life. This will far outlast knowing their ABC”S or how to write the alphabet.

Art Fair, Children And Slide Shows Oh My!

Art Fair, Children And Slide Shows Oh My!

Yep it’s just around the corner and I’m not referring to Panda Express.   Saturday April 30th we’re having our art fair.  I’m excited about the parents finally being able to come in and see all the art work done by their children.   There will be a large variety of art work for the parents to come and see.   We’ll have body tracings, string painting, very cute bird houses, blow dryer art, dictations, and lots more as well.    I’m also happy to announce that after a few trips to Target, Fry’s, Rite Aide and Cost Co. for all the needed supplies, the slide shows are finally available to take home.    I had a lot of fun matching music to each and every child.   All the slide shows should play on either a PC or DVD player.    I hope you all find them enjoyable.   I hope the slide shows give you some fun insight into what a day at the preschool consists of.   I hope everyone enjoys all the different art that the children put a lot of themselves into.  See you at the art fair.

Dictations With The Children

Hey it’s Mr. Tony again.  I love doing dictations with the children which is an activity I do with the children on an almost regular basis.   It’s also a step towards literacy.   It shows  children  that a story has a start, middle and end.  In writing with the children we show that we write from left to right.  And now the fun stuff.  I sat down with the children today and asked some questions about their mom.   I asked how old their mom is.  What their favorite food is.  How tall their mom is.  What work she does and what they like to do with their mom.  And now some of their answers.  Survey says!  How old is your mom?  I got answers like, 60, 3, 30 and a half and 1.  And one little boy just said “She’s just very old”. Next question was “What is your mom’s favorite food?”  “Gorilla munch”.  “Lettuce.” ” Spicy pizza.”  And of course there was “crab salad”.  I love a child’s concept of tall someone is. “How tall is your mom?”  Their height ranged from  1 inch to 7 feet.   Their response to what job their mom does was also very cute.  Apparently it’s the job of some moms to just clean their rooms,  go make money and last but not least, “Measure the bouncy”.   The most endearing answer came from the question “What is your favorite thing to do with your mom?”  “I love to color and cuddle with my mom”.   All their answers were great and all of their answers are what makes my job and this particular activity so fun.   Take the time to sit with your children and talk to them about anything and just listen to their ideas about life.  You’ll have a lot of fun and get a lot of quality fun.  Enjoy.

Bubble Ball Painting

With the  La Canada Preschool Arts Fair vastly approaching, I worked with the children on painting using bubble balls. It is a fun way of dipping a bouncing plastic ball into paints of  different colors to create unique and different designs such as snowflakes and raindrops. The children dipped the bubble balls into orange, red, green, and blue colors of paints. It was a fun day had by all as the children got to create and show their imagination in a fun and different way of painting.

(Posted by Mr. Scott for Debbie)

Blow Dryer Art

Okay so I’ve got a new art toy to use at the preschool.  I picked up a blow dryer at the CVS  in La Canada and oggled it  and I thought of the wonders I’d do with it.  I experimented with four colors.  I plopped four different colors on top of each other and pulled out the blow dryer.  I turned it on and went to town.   The effect was similar to watching a flower blooming in slow motion.  After I finished playing with it 20 minutes later I finally got it ready for the kids.   Upon taking it out and showing it to the kids I immediately had a long line of kids waiting for their turn.   The outcome was proof that it truly is the process and not the product that’s important.    Watching the paint being blown around was similar to watching a flower bloom in front of your eyes.  Once the kids were gone I preceded to have some fun on my own again.   Yep once again I’ve discovered a new toy.

(Written by Mr. Tony for Debbie)

Summer Fun at our Preschool

Summer Fun at our Preschool

What a ball we are having this summer at La Canada Preschool. Beach week was filled with sand art, sea life and talking about how we all like to go to the beach. Then we had Dinosaur Week, always a favorite. Seems you can’t go wrong with the talk of T.Rex and his friends at preschool.

There are many new children who are just getting to know us and they are doing extremely well. Coming to a new school is a big adjustment away from home. With Mr. Tony, Miss Rosemary, Miss Debbie, Miss Elizabeth and  Miss Olivia the children are getting lots of one on one care and love.  Our teachers have twenty years of experiance dealing with seperation and we handle it with respect for you and love for your child.

Summer Fun is available for five more weeks, from Monday through Thursday mornings from 9:00 a.m. till 12:00 noon.  The cost is $145.00 per week. We have extended care till 2:o0 p.m. for $10.oo an hour. Come on in for some summer fun at preschool> next week is Family Week:)

This coming week