Pre Kinder

Our children in the Pre-K are being introduced to the educational skills that kindergarten programs both public and private are looking for.

We believe that our program provides a place for children to continue their learning through play, with a developmental base. We will introduce phonics through the Zoo Phonics program, math through hands on counting, sorting and classification, as well as writing upper and lower case letters. We believe that if it is introduced in a fun, exploratory way, we can expose children to the simple academic concepts that kindergarten teachers are looking for. Readiness comes as a process, and we allow each child to approach being ready for kindergarten at their own level.

Our Pre-k staff consists of Erika Dwter, who has taught this program for the past year, and acts as the lead teacher in this program.  Flor Lopez is her co-teacher, while Tony Ojinaga and Hugo Ficarra are the teachers aides.