Pre School

AR001902Our morning program is developmentally based, with an emphasis on learning through experiences with art, music, and literature as well as social interaction. The children follow a morning schedule that is based on observations progressive college lab schools such as UC Berkley and the Harvard School of early Childhood Education, where children have a mixed age and mixed teacher environment.  We operate as a school community where the 34 children in attendance are together for the first hour they are school, with six teachers present. We then convene for a community circle time where we come inside after an hour of free play outdoors. The children are at this mid morning point divided into three separate groups according to their age and developmental needs, where they rotate between three teachers for an inside play time.  We have found that the children love being all together the first hour, where they are outside in our beautiful yard, with the hose on, creating a lake, participating in art, running, climbing in our custom playhouse, and just having the freedom to do whatever they like.