Preschool Registration: What have we created?

It is that time of year when we begin the registration process at LCP. We work at keeping it simple. Right now all our current families are turning in their forms. Then in January we will be accepting registration from new families. It is first come, first serve. No waiting list, no interview, no stress. How can this be I am asked? Every other school in Los Angeles has a list you need to be on when you child is three weeks old in order to get in. Or we have the lottery system, where you put your name on list, and hope you are hand picked in a lottery for a placement.
It seems we have created a culture of fear when it comes to getting your child into preschool. Here at La Canada Preschool we are refusing to be part of this trend. When you contact our school, you can be emailed information, come in for a tour, and be guaranteed a place by turning in a form on time.

So what have we created by making parents feel they have to fight for a placement in a preschool? My thoughts are fear; fear that if you are not on top of it you child will fall behind. fear that it is hard to get into the best schools, and fear that you may be not doing your job if you are not aware of these facts. What happened to supporting families, giving them a simple process that is sensible and secure. Why is it a competition to get your child into a preschool?

At La Canada Preschool I believe it setting the tone that we are here to support your family, beginning with a registration process that is respectful, simple and secure. With the world we live in families need to feel that a school wants them, as opposed to the feeling that they are lucky to be chosen to be in a school. Come on by La Canada Preschool: we’ll be waiting for you.


  1. Njeri Snyder says:

    I admittedly got caught up in the preschool trap a few years ago. I took tours, filled out five page applications/essays, and paid to have Clyde’s name added to wait lists! Thankfully, a family member suggested that I check out La Canada Preschool and that was the end of the madness. We toured LCP with Clyde and fell in love with the nurturing educators, intimate campus, and simple admissions process.

  2. Steve says:

    One of the best things about La Canada Preschool is that you folks care not only about the kids but also about the families. You understand that by adding stress to the family (especially the parents) you add unneeded stress to the child. I feel very fortunate that both my kids went to La Canada Pre School and are very much the better for it!

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