I love a Parade !

We marched yesterday in the La Canada Memorial Day Parade as a preschool group and it was enlightening on many levels. First, I was able to really take in what an amazing community we are a part of. With each step we marched we were met with cheers from alumni, smiles and waves that brought a smile to each child’s face, as well as the adults. Secondly we took in a rich exercise in community spirit, something that cannot be taught in a classroom.

Who knew that walking down the street in La Canada could evoke such feelings of belonging to a community, being part of something bigger. Parents were able to feel that their being a part of our school is also being a part of a neighborhood where we all all accepted for who we are, with their beautiful young families looking to make sense of the world we live in.

As I marched in the parade for the thirteenth year I was reminded how blessed I feel to be here, in the moment, with each family, seeing there smiles and hearing the excitement amongst the children that we, La Canada Preschool, were part of a parade.


  1. Dennis R Carroll says:

    What a wonderful parade…thank you Debbie for once again allowing us to be part of it…you have to watch out for that Perry, he is everywhere with not only one camera but two!!!

  2. Njeri Snyder says:

    We had an awesome time!

  3. Amanda Steiman says:

    Thanks Debbie, it was a lot of fun!

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